Our Traveler's Notebook Sizes

With 1-inch spines, open flat:
Micro 4.5" x 8" 
Passport 9.5 x 5.5
Field Note 6" x 9.5" 
A6 6.5" x 11" 
Personal 7.25" x 10" 
B6 slim 7.75" x 10.5"
B6 7.75" x 12.5" 
Standard 8.75" x 11"
Standard Wide 8.75" x 12" 
Standard Extra Wide 8.75" x 13" 
A5 8.75" X 14" 
Composition 17.5" x 10.25"

Thickness and Weight

Leather Thickness is measured by oz. Typically 1-9 oz. To think of leather weights in terms of thickness 1 oz. = 1/64", 2oz. = 2/64", 7oz. - 8oz. = 7/64" - 8/64" or 1/8" thick. Hides can vary in thickness for all of the leathers we currently offer. This is not considered a defect. The thickness of the hide varies depending on where it is on the animal, so for all of our offerings, there will always be a range of thickness between 2-3oz.

The weight or thickness of leather does not speak to the pliability of the leather.

Markings, Scars and Brand Marks

All leathers have markings, scratches, bug bites, cuts, scars and some even have brand marks- especially our rustic leathers. These are not defects. 

Our Add-ons and Design Features


One of Speckled Fawns' signature design features is our external pockets. You have the option of selecting a sideways or upright external pocket.



Rivets are available as an add-on for a few of our leathers. They look fantastically charming on the external pockets.


Natural Edges vs. Straight Edges

Natural edges are uncut and rustic and no two are alike. Straight edges are clean, even cuts. When you see these features for selection in the TN listings, please keep in mind that because natural edges are 100% unique, they cannot be replicated according to photos of pockets you have seen. It is simply impossible.