Front Pocket vs. No Front Pocket

pocket no pocket.png

A default design feature of many Speckled Fawns notebooks is the external pocket. We have recently added the option to choose whether or not you want a front pocket to our listings. While the front pocket (both sideways and upright) can be very functional/useful, we understand that it is not a feature everyone wants for their ideal TN.

Not sure what you would use the external front pocket for? We've put together a list of ideas for you down below:


How To Use Your External Pocket:

  • to store receipts
  • cell phone pocket (depending on the size of the TN)
  • pocket for your ID/debit card/credit card (depending on the size of the TN)
  • pen pocket (depending on the size of the TN)
  • sticker storage pocket
  • to carry a tea bag on the go
  • to carry a packet of aspirin or other medication on the go
  • cash pocket
  • to store your keys 
  • to store your bus/parking pass
  • lip gloss/mascara/eye liner pencil pocket (depending on the size of the TN)
  • paint brush pocket (depending on the size of your TN)


External pockets can be sideways or upright. Upright pockets work better for pens, brushes and other similar tools, but both orientations are equally visually appealing.


We'd love to hear how you use your external pockets. Got a unique use for them not listed here?