Inserts: A Comprehensive Guide

You finally managed to select a TN cover and size. Now what? 


There are so many types of inserts out there, that it can feel like you are drowning in a literal sea of them at times. It can be overwhelming.


Never fear! The Comprehensive Guide is here! 

This guide will talk about some of the most popular brands of inserts out there, plus sizes, where to buy and how to make your own.


  • Micro or A7
  • Passport
  • Field Note or Pocket
  • A6
  • Personal
  • B6 Slim
  • B6
  • Standard
  • Wide
  • A5
  • Composition/Portfolio


There are several brands out there that have notebooks in the sizes illustrated above that can be used in your traveler's notebook covers. All can be found online and some local stores carry some of the brands discussed below.

Midori & Midori MD

The Midori brand is synonymous with traveler's notebooks as the original maker of the leather cover/elastic notebook system we have grown to know and love. Because so many new TN makers and companies began popping up over time, the word "midori" was being used to describe TNs in general, which caused confusion in the planner/TN community. Other words and phrases began popping up as well, such as "fauxdori." Midori ended up changing the TN company's name to Traveler's Notebook Company. Their inserts seem to still sell under the Midori name, and their paper quality is among the best out there. Their inserts are stapled.

They offer TN inserts in passport and standard size and their Midori MD books in A6, B6 Slim and A5. Paper ranges from blank, to lined, to graph and they even have printed planner inserts available with calendars and week on two page spreads. Their inserts are very affordable and can be purchased in certain local stationary stores where available, as well as online via various sellers/retailers such as Amazon.

midori md.jpg


Moleskine offers softcover and hardcovers notebooks in pocket size, large cahier and extra large. Their softcovers are available in packs of 2 or 3 and their paper is available in blank, lined and graph. Their paper quality is decent and their spines are stitched.

Their large cahier inserts fit Wide sized TNs beautifully. They also offer planner books that contain the whole year.

Locally, Moleskines are available in Barnes & Noble stores, stationary stores and Target. Online you can find them via several retailers, including Amazon.


Field Notes

These pocket-sized notebooks come in packs of 3, and paper quality is decent for the price. They are available in blank, graph and lined. Field Notes also releases colorful limited edition packs every year and many are highly sought after. They are sold in local stationary stores and many online retailers, including Amazon.

field notes.jpg


These notebooks are thick, with hundreds of pages of thin graph paper. Many enjoy using these as journals, bullet journals, planners and brain dumping. Amazon usually has them in stock, but they do sell out from time to time with a couple of weeks wait time in between restocking. Stalogy books are a bit pricey, but with the number of pages they provide, they will last quite a long time. Their books are available in different colors and range in size from A6 to A5 and possibly larger.



Muji is a Japanese brand. Their notebooks can be purchased off of their online store, Amazon and local stationary stores that carry the brand. In stores, their notebooks are very inexpensive. Online, via Amazon, their bound books come in packs of 3 or more for $5 and up. They offer a variety of sizes and their paper quality is decent, available in blank, grid or lined.



Another Japanese brand, Hobonichi is known for their planners that come in B6 Slim, A6 and A5. They use Tomoe River Paper, which is very thin, and their pages have grid lines, monthly calendars and daily pages for planning, as well as weekly spreads. They are quite popular for planning, art and journaling. You can purchase them off of their website, Amazon and other online retailers.


Stillman & Birn

Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are my personal favorite brand of sketchbook. Their books are available in hard and soft cover and they are categorized into a series of paper types- some best for wet media, inks and water colors, while others are better for dry media. Having recently launched beige, grey and black paper books, they offer a wide range of options for artists and their books come in a variety of sizes, including pocket and wide/A5 sized. Their soft cover books are excellent for artists who love to draw and sketch in their TN on the go or at home. Stillman & Birn books are available on Amazon, Dick Blick stores and website, Hobby Lobby and other local art supply and stationary stores.

stillman and birn.jpg


Miscellaneous Inserts

Aside from all of the above-mentioned options, you can also find a whole world of inserts on Etsy. There are many Etsy shops that specialize in planner inserts and accessories of all sizes and types and you can even purchase downloadable files for you to print the inserts out yourself at home and reuse them as often as you need, which is usually the more affordable option. You can also find various notebooks in local stores that might fit your TN cover.

Making Your Own

Last, but not least, you can always make your own inserts. You can literally use any paper you want and you only need a few tools to make them. You can find several tutorials on Youtube, as well as step-by-step guides on blogs and Pinterest.

We sincerely hope this guide has been of some help to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me using the contact form on our website or leave a comment down below. I usually respond in 24-48 hours.