Boho Caddy Craze

We here at Speckled Fawns love to innovate, experiment and play, and I feel that our latest creations really speak to that. We want to offer products that are not only visually appealing, but functional/useful as well.

Chances are, if you are into traveler's notebooks, planners and journals, you also love stationary, pens, etc. Sometimes, it can be tough to keep those various items organized on your desk or work space. We've come up with a snazzy solution that we think you will love.

Introducing our Boho Caddies! Currently available in 5 lovely textiles with our Premium Kodiak leather making up the rim. These are sturdy and stylish and can stand on their own to keep your pens, stickers, notebooks and other goods in one place. Contain the chaos with a caddy!

They are available with or without a leather handle. Currently available in our Etsy shop at