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Chatelaine Dublin Cognac

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Meet the newly named chatelaine, created out of the passion we all have for travel and tucking our lives into a carryall. I wanted something a little more slim that would not only carry at least one book but would grow with the book as I used it; hence the adjustable slide strap. The strap slides through a leather loop with no hardware needed. You can pull it tight so it holds 1 or more inserts. The chatelaine will have 2 holes to house 2 bands. The holes will be positioned over under not side by side; allowing to keep the cover as slim as possible while giving you the ability to use it as a T.N. The rear is a zipper pocket and the interior front has a secretarial pocket.

The notebook can be slipped underneath the bands. You can also slip the front cover underneath the slot pocket.

I hope this new offering brings you as much joy as it has brought be. I have yet to put it down, much like Victoria’s back in the day it’s reliant and travels well.

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