The Ugly Journal
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Standard Toasted Flan Kodiak Hybrid


The Ugly Journal was inspired by the writing, journaling and art community. We received numerous requests for very rustic pieces to be used to handcraft journals. I’m excited to use the beloved oil tanned Kodiak as my first Ugly Journal launch. Some may question the use of the term Ugly. As far back as I can remember I have always found beauty in most everything. I would challenge those who see this term in a positive creative light. To me it simply means there is something special and unique about this piece that draws me in. It makes my mind wander and finds beauty in the natural elements of each creation.

The first release are hybrids of mustard Kodiak and darker hides.

Default is brown stitching you may select your elastic colors at checkout.

Sorry no additional add-ons or customizations for this offering.

Form most photos the last two were take in direct sunlight.

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