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This is an option that was suggested by one of my customers to help with the tuition associated with the story behind the naming of the Armstrong tote which was shared in the Facebook group. %100 of the monies from this item will go directly to the tuition of a sponsored child.

FaWns, in revealing the name of the new tote I wanted to share a brief backstory which also includes part of my initiative for 2019 and on. I'd like the tote to be appealing to both males and females and in think I hit that mark. I mentioned a while back that I wanted to name some of my new offerings after woman who made a mark in history or some sort of personal impact; I'd like to include men as well.
Part of my initiative going forward is to not only give back but helping those to he able to step up and help their own community both locally and globally. The second part of my initiative is to be planet friendly and I'll share more of that later.
Years ago days before I was to leave for Africa an article popped up in the New York Times about child labor. I didn’t think it was a coincidence that it happened to be about the very place I was going, Zambia. The picture was quite moving. It was a small boy sitting on a mound of rocks. Once we arrived to our destination we searched for someone who could take us out to the villages and streets during our downtime. He took us to the rock quarries and to this day I'm still moved by what I saw. Mother's with babies on their backs, toddlers and very young children working by their sides. We stopped with our interpreter to chat with one of the Moms. Her and her 11 year old son kept working as we chatted. It was noisy and dusty because it was close to the highway. She explained they crush the rocks into smaller rocks that are used for landscaping in many countries one of them being the U.S. They use very heavy small handle sledgehammers which is hard to see in the picture. Her hands were swollen from working in the quarry for so long. She explained that her son worked with her and at the time he was paid .60 a week part of which went to his tuition. Now, in short they have to pay tuition, supplies and a required uniform to the government for public school. He was only able to afford to go one day a week. The rest was used to buy potatoes for their meals. Most likely he never finished school because not many can pass exams going only 1 day a week. Many of the young men end up on the streets. (That may be another story I share later, we met the street boys too). I've never forgotten this young boy and have since had conversations with those in Africa and other countries pleading for tuition funds so their kids can get a public education. The young lads name was Armstrong. Armstrong will be the name of the new unisex tote. For every Armstrong tote that is purchased I will donate $10.00 and match the #10.00 to put towards the annual tuition, supplies and a uniform for one student. If we exceed the amount the remaining will go to another student. I will need to confirm but I believe annual tuition is approximately $300.00. I will be working on the student selection process with my contacts in Zambia as well as other countries. My hope is to track the progress of each student and share how the sponsorship has effected their lives and communities. The photos are intentionally blurred but I hope they show somewhat of what I saw.
Sorry for the long post but I'd love to make a difference and would love to include FaWns in that journey.

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