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Bee Happy version 2 Teal

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This creation came from a weekend of me playing in the studio in the attempts to make a clean classic looking TN. I was sitting for such a long time and out of frustration I started to cut, and sew. I really wasn’t taken with it until I stared to play with it. Then just out of nowhere it made me happy. Sometimes you just have to jump in and make your own happy and you’d be surprised how easily things start to shine. I carried it for quite sometime until I gifted the original to someone. I hope this jewel will do the same for you. CLIPS NOT INCLUDED

Bee Happy version 2 is made from some of our most popular leathers. The main body and internal pockets are made from teal Horween, external pockets will be from the new Mustard Kodiak and Toasted Flan. Most often the upright smaller pocket will be mustard Kodiak and the larger from Toasted Flan when possible.

It patinas and ages beautifully over time and will definitely become an heirloom piece that can be passed down some day. Each hide also varies in richness of color- some are dark brown, while others are lighter. True to its name, this leather has markings ranging from scratches to bug bites to scars and branding marks.

Default Features:
2 external natural edge pockets, teal stitching and bands.

This item cannot be customized.

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