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Bohemian Hodgepodge Limited Edition


Bohemian Hodgepodge seems such an appropriate name for this fun TN. It is a mix of Café Vanilla, Rustic Kodiak and our Bohemian textile fabric. Café Vanilla is a pliable soft leather that will hug your inserts. The interior pockets and patchwork of Rustic Kodiak help to lend additional structure to this beauty. I decided to use wonky stitching to give it more of a homemade handpiece appeal.

While the exterior will be made from Café Vanilla the interior will be much like that of Bee Happy. It will either be Café Vanilla or Rustic Kodiak pockets; the fabric textile will vary as well and may or many not be as pictured. Since no two are alike the finished product will vary and will not have any add-on options.

Default Features:
1 internal natural edge long pocket on inside left
1 zipper pocket in the back

4 elastic bands 1 elastic closure band

This product has a 4 week turnaround time.

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