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Toasted Flan (pre-sale)

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Toasted Flan is the best description that comes to mind for this scrumptious leather. It is from the same purveyor as Tumbleweed; and is a 2017 fall reveal. The inside feels like a warm winter blanket with the softness of suede, while the outside has a sheen that resembles the top of a nicely toasted flan desert.

The Kudu Classic offers a more formal version of the Kudu than the casual Kudu Waxy. Whilst still featuring the natural marks and scratches of a wild antelope, the grain is more pronounced and provides a more classic gloss finish than the matte pull-up of the waxed version.

Default Features:
external pocket
internal pockets

Add-ons Available (for an additional fee):
pen loop
wrap pocket

leather tie wrap

*Approximate shipment date will be end of September early October. We will continue to provide updates along the way. Tanneries work on a tight schedule, however they do tend to change release dates based on local holidays and such. We will keep you posted along the way.

Third photo credits go to Kim Kruer of Kim Kruer Photography @kimkruerphotography and Katelyn Rose Janowicz @pineandleather

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