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Pre-Sale Toasted Flan TN (ETA December 7th)

from 45.00

It’s been over a year since we’ve had this amazing highly requested leather in stock. Toasted Flan has been the most asked about leather to date so we had to bring it back. It is from the same purveyor as Tumbleweed; and was introduced in fall of 2017 to the leather community. The inside feels like a warm winter blanket while the outside has a sheen that resembles the top of a nicely toasted flan desert. As requested I was able to get a higher sheen on this run so it will be as close to version one as it can be. As noticeable in some of the photos there is a slight range and variation in color. I hope you will love this as much as we do and we are so very happy to bring it back for a limited time.

There are 4 internal bands and you may select an elastic or leather tie wrap as a closure.

The special edition deluxe has the Speckled Fawns pocket configuration with a natural edge exterior pocket, 2 internal slot and 1 secretary pocket.

Toasted Flan TN comes with Rivets by default.

This item cannot be customized.

Delivery for the pre-sale will start the 1st week in December.

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