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I received so many requests for a low profile rustic TN I thought it was time I made one. It was hard to find a name for this one and I just went with what seemed natural. I’ve been carrying a Trailblazer for sometime and really love how it feels in my hand. Based on feedback and our survey I decided to offer two pocket configurations; one with the secretary and scalloped the other with simple straight and secretary. Trailblazer will have 3 holes for the 4 bands. It's made a tad shorter on the width and looks dapper if its stuffed it has 1-2 inserts. It's constructed out of the beloved original Rustic Kodiak and is not customizable. Trailblazer is stitched on a machine that uses a smaller thread which fits the vision of this being a low profile TN. Dressed up or down this is a lovely TN.

This leather ranges from smooth to pebbly and has natural markings that include scars and branding marks. It is soft and pliable, but still tough enough to weather exposure to the elements.

It patinas and ages beautifully over time and will definitely become an heirloom piece that can be passed down some day. Each hide also varies in richness of color- some are dark brown, while others are lighter. True to its name, this leather has markings ranging from scratches to bug bites to scars and branding marks.

Default Features:
1” spine
Internal pockets

3 holes with 4 bands and closer band

Add-ons Available (for an additional fee):
pen loop
This product has a 4 week turnaround time.

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